30 Deep Grimeyy Net Worth

Deep Grimeyy is a young American rapper. He is known to have a pleasant vocal tone. His style of rap is a blend of both old and new hip hop. Aside from rapping, Grimeyy is also known for his lyrics, which have been popular on various social networking sites.

30 Deep Grimeyy was born on August 21, 1997. He is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri. Currently, he lives with his mother and two brothers. His father owns a small business in his neighborhood. While he hasn’t revealed his parents’ names, he does mention that he has a mixed ethnicity.

Grimeyy began rapping in middle school. He then worked a nine-to-five job until he decided to follow his passion and make a career in the music industry. In 2019, he started his own YouTube channel. The channel currently has more than 100K subscribers and has received more than 64 million views.

Deep has a great deal of experience in the music industry, having worked with numerous well-known rappers, including NWM Cee Murdaa. He has toured with the rapper on numerous occasions. Also, he has released a number of hit singles. He has a debut album slated for 2020.

In order to pursue a career in rapping, Grimeyy has signed a contract with the management company 100K Management. Apart from this, he also has a personal website and an official Twitter account. With this, he has been able to earn some good earnings from his YouTube videos. At the moment, his earnings are estimated to be around USD 30-40k.

Grimeyy has a pleasant voice, and he has the ability to use his voice to deliver lyrics that are both powerful and smooth. In fact, his lyrics have gained tens of millions of views on YouTube.

As of June 2021, he has over 262k subscribers on YouTube. Most of his listeners are from the city of Atlanta. Furthermore, he has an estimated net worth of about $1 million to $5 million. Although he hasn’t talked about his personal life on the internet, he has shared a picture of his mother with fans. Apparently, the singer is a Christian.

Deep Grimeyy is known for his style of rap, which is called Grim Reapa Flow. Besides rapping, he has also worked with the famous rapper NLE Choppa. His most popular song is “4530”.

Among the many things that he has to offer to his listeners, Grimeyy’s songs are unique in a way. Some of his songs feature NWM Cee Murdaa, a rapper who is also a native of St. Louis. He has released a number of videos with the rapper, and they have earned a lot of viewers. Another popular video of his is “Dead Goofies,” which has gotten a large amount of views.

30 Deep Grimeyy’s most recent rap song is called In Loving Reminiscess. Moreover, he has recorded a track with NWM Cee Murdaa called Splash Brothers. His second video, which was released in September of this year, has more than 3 million views.