A Closer Look at Skinbone Net Worth

Skinbone is not only a social media celebrity, but he is also a notable tech savant. The Instagram star has racked up more than 110,000 followers on his social media accounts and boasts a slew of tech accolades.

For starters, Skinbone has been making headlines with his original sketch comedy videos. He has tapped into the zeitgeist and has even enlisted the aid of celebs like Reggie Baybee. It’s no wonder he has amassed a small fortune in the process. His company, PolarityTE, Inc., based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a regenerative medicine provider. As of January 2023, the net worth of the company is a cool $0.01B. Currently, the company’s flagship product, the SkinTE, is in the process of receiving regulatory approval to market and distribute the product. Earlier, the company was known as Majesco Entertainment Company. With such a formidable pedigree, it’s no wonder the company’s stock price has tripled in a matter of years.

A closer look at his bio reveals that he is a multi-faceted individual with a jack of all trades approach. He’s got an impressive YouTube channel with more than 30,000 subscribers, and a knack for creating funny videos. Although the company is best known for their wacky content, the company also has a slew of products in development. Including a new line of regenerative medicine, aptly named AdiposeTE. Some of the other stars in this company’s sky include a biotechnology platform called NeuralTE, a mobile app called OsteoTE, and a tissue engineering platform called SkinTE. In addition to their digital and physical products, they are also looking to expand into other facets of the industry, such as consumer electronics and e-commerce.