A Look at Andy Detwiler’s Net Worth

If you’ve ever watched Andy Detwiler’s videos on YouTube, you know the impact his feet can have. He is a farmer from Urbana, Ohio who has gained a following around the world thanks to his no-nonsense perspective on life. A local newspaper featured his story in a child’s edition when he was just nine years old. Since then, his story has been known by neighbors and friends.

When he was four, Andy Detwiler lost both of his arms in an accident. He began to teach himself how to eat with his feet, drive a tractor, and do other household chores. His farm earned him a good living. But that life would come to an end in September 2022 when he passed away at the age of 52.

Andy Detweiler was born in 1969 in Urbana, Ohio. He grew up on the family farm. He worked in the fields with his father Tom and uncle John. One day, he reached into an auger hopper to weed, and the auger hopper dragged his arm. It took a doctor more than a hundred stitches to repair the damage.

After his injury, Andy started his own farming business. He was involved with the Champaign County Farm Bureau, the First Presbyterian Church of Urbana, and the Champaign County Fair Board. He was also part of the Ohio Ag Net planting cab cam video.

When Andy was two, his parents took him to the doctor to get checked out. They were concerned that his condition might get worse. However, they had no idea that his cancer would become so serious that he would have to have his arms amputated.

In 2018, Detwiler started his own channel on YouTube. The channel eventually became so popular that he was able to earn a living from it. Before long, his videos had millions of views. Eventually, his net worth became estimated at $120,000.

Andy Detwiler was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in April 2020. The following year, he made a video announcing the news to his fans. Over the next two years, he fought against the disease. Throughout his fight, he documented his cancer treatments on YouTube. Sadly, his battle with the disease ended in his death in September 2022.

Andy Detweiler is survived by his wife and daughter. The cause of his death is not yet known. His family has not released details on his funeral. According to his obituary, memorial donations may be made to the Champaign County Cancer Association.

Andy’s YouTube channel was called Harmless Farmer. He entertained over 132,000 subscribers with his videos about his life on the farm. As a farmer, he also sported the caption “Never Give Up.”

Andy Detwiler was known for his ability to do hard feats with his feet. Although his YouTube channel was extremely successful, he was not rich. He had an estimated net worth of between $27,000 and $137,000. Some of his videos have gathered more than a million views.