A Look at Brett Meador’s Net Worth

If you’re in the Portland area, chances are you’ve already heard of Athey Creek Christian Fellowship and its senior pastor, Brett Meador. Not only is he an evangelist and a doting husband, but he also happens to be the man behind the aforementioned church. He’s also a jack of all trades when it comes to technology and a big believer in the power of prayer. This coupled with his uncanny ability to conjure up the holy grail of coffee in a hurry makes him one of the most sought after religious speakers in the Pacific Northwest.

While Brett Meador is not a household name, his evangelistic efforts have landed him on several lists of notables. The list of noteworthy include his wife, Debbie, and their three children, Joey, Brooke and Casey. They have a slew of awards to their credit, including the Jo Walker-Meador International Award from the Country Music Association and the granddaddy of all trophies, the AEG C2C Award. In addition, their website is a swanky affair, complete with a nifty e-commerce store and a robust website content management system that trumps many of their competitors.

One of the first things you learn about Brett is that he has a passion for teaching Bible stories and sermons in a way that’s both entertaining and meaningful. After a stint in a small, cult-like congregation, he felt called to do more. As a result, he set out to launch a new church and to woo the locals. Using a small but mighty team of likeminded believers, he started Athey Creek, a multi-campus church based in Beaverton.

During his time there, he taught at least 2000 people the ol’ school of thought. His most popular classes include a weekly Sunday morning devotional and a Monday night Bible study class. Despite his busy schedule, he’s still able to squeeze in some tinkering and fun with his wife and kids, and you can see the results in their home. Even though his time in Oregon is coming to an end, he’s still doing what he does best: sharing the love of Christ with his countless friends and fans. When he’s not busy spreading his gospel, he’s probably playing video games or catching up with his buddies. It’s hard to imagine that he’s anything but a devoted family man, so it’s no wonder he’s a happy one.