A Look at Jon Blitt’s Net Worth

If you’re into television, you’ve probably heard of Jon Blitt. He’s one of the original Family Guy writers and was featured in the show’s first live-action sequence. But he’s also written a couple of films, such as Totally Clueless and Sledgehammer. His other achievements include co-writing the hit series Loudermilk, which was helmed by Ricky Blitt and Alyssa Milano. In fact, he’s teamed up with many other creators on The Howard Stern Show.

Having been a devoted family man, it’s no surprise that Jon Blitt is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend. They’re still working on making their union official, but they’re a lot closer than they were a year ago. And in case you’re wondering, the proposal was all in good fun. After all, they’re not the only ones getting engaged.

While Blitt is best known for his work as a writer and director, he’s also a bona fide actor. He starred in a number of short films, such as Blitt Happens, and made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2009. Previously, he was a writer on Fox’s The Ringer, and he also starred in Hit By Lightning. During his time at the network, he nabbed a couple of Emmys and two trophies for his screenplay writing. However, his greatest achievement may be his contribution to the Howard Stern Show. Over the years, Blitt has collaborated with several other notables including Richard Christy and the late, great comedian Jim Carrey. As a result, he’s become one of the most sought after creators in the business.

For his work, he’s been awarded three Presidential Service Awards. And though he’s not a native Ohioan, he’s made his home in New York City for the past few years. With a net worth of $5 million, Blitt is not the cheapest of bachelors, but he’s certainly not the most expensive. So, if you’re looking to get swept off your feet by a man with a heart of gold, you can’t go wrong.