A Look at Syd Butler’s Net Worth

There is no doubt that Syd Butler has an interesting life. Not only is he a music superstar, but he also has an extensive dating history. He was married to actress Amy Carlson in 2004. They have two children together.

Although Amy Carlson and Syd Butler have been together for a long time, there are still many details about their relationship that have not been disclosed. For instance, it is unknown whether Syd and Amy own any cars or gadgets, or what their living situation is like. This does not mean that the couple is poor, but it does suggest that they are in a comfortable position financially. As far as Syd and Amy’s net worth is concerned, they have a total of $8 million to their name.

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Syd Butler and Amy Carlson met at a Saturday Night Live party in 1997. After that, they were married and lived in Manhattan, New York. A few years later, they released an EP entitled I Love the Holidays. In 2007, the song “Sweat Descends” from the EP was featured in a Fire Breather movie commercial for Cartoon Network. These events led to the formation of a short-lived band named Office Romance.

While he was at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Syd Butler began to play bass with other students. During this time, he also studied film and video, and formed a band with his college friends. Eventually, he discovered the band Local Natives, which he joined in 2006. Soon, he found the band Bloc Party. When he signed with the label, his music was released, and he has since worked on several musical projects, including one with singer Amanda McKaye.

In 2012, Syd Butler released an EP via Frenchkis. He has also been involved with the band The 8G Band, which appears on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Since he has an Instagram account, he is active on social media. Moreover, he has an official website where fans can learn more about him. It has over 2.3k followers.

Syd Butler is a member of the Millennials Generation. He was raised in Washington D.C., and most of his adolescence was spent in the city. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied film and video. He is now a bassist in the band Les Savy Fav. Besides that, he is also a singer and songwriter. His latest album is entitled “I Love the Holidays”.

In addition to being a music superstar, Syd Butler has a huge fan base. He has performed with Nicholas Thorburn of Islands, and has appeared on Juiced Elfers. He has also written a book, which is a collection of humorous anecdotes.