Aaron Von Ehlinger Net Worth

Aaron von Ehlinger is a former state representative in Idaho. His trial was held in April for rape. He was found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Von Ehlinger has been in custody since his conviction. The maximum sentence for rape in the state is life in prison. Before he can be paroled, he must serve eight years in jail and pay restitution of $2,015 to the victim.

After his conviction, von Ehlinger resigned from his seat in the House of Representatives. An ethics committee found him to be “inappropriate” in the conduct of his job. According to the committee, he “conducted unbecoming a representative.”

In October, the legislature’s ethics committee recommended that he be suspended and that his office be stripped of its powers. But his attorney argued against this request and said that he was a “respectful and upstanding member of the community.”

In March of 2021, a 19-year-old intern for the Idaho statehouse claimed that a 38-year-old von Ehlinger sexually assaulted her after they both went to dinner. In a statement to the court, the woman called the rape “violent,” saying it took away her autonomy. She also said that she was not on birth control at the time of the incident. During her testimony, she recalled that she felt humiliated and ashamed throughout the criminal justice process.

The prosecution argued that the crimes were not consensual and that the woman was being attacked by a deviant monster. They cited statements by the nurse who treated Doe. This was followed by the testimony of the police detectives and a security guard. However, the prosecutor declined to provide any additional comments.

Von Ehlinger was found guilty of felony rape and two felony sexual assault charges. Previously, the prosecutor had asked for a 40-year sentence with 15 years fixed. Since the rape occurred in the 2021 session, he would have to serve at least eight years in prison before being eligible for parole.

When he was first arrested, von Ehlinger’s attorney, Jon Cox, said that he was not a deviant monster. Instead, he was a “respectful military man” and a “true believer.” As Cox pointed out, the prosecution painted a distorted picture of the defendant.

At his trial, von Ehlinger admitted to several sins, including sexual penetration with a foreign object and a forcible penetration by use of a foreign object. However, he refused to accept responsibility for the attack.

Upon being convicted, the Ada County Deputy Prosecutor requested that the defendant serve at least 25 years in prison. Judge Michael Reardon has not yet decided to address the recorded phone call between von Ehlinger and his parents.

Von Ehlinger was initially scheduled for sentencing in July. The prosecutor’s office later moved the date. However, after the defense filed a motion for a new trial, the court postponed the proceedings.

Earlier this week, the victim, Jane Doe, appeared before the jury. She told the court that she was not on birth control at the rape, and that she jerked her head backwards, causing a swollen goose egg to form on the back of her head. She said she tried to stop the advances of the attacker, but was pinned and raped.