Abii Robot Net Worth

Abii is a personal robot tutor for kids in grades K-5. It uses artificial intelligence and a customized arithmetic curriculum to help students understand math concepts. In addition, the robot detects when a student is not paying attention and provides a personalized verbal feedback.

Laura Boccanfuso is the CEO of Abii Robot. She is a former researcher at Yale University and the University of South Carolina. Her doctorate is in computer science and robotics. From there, she developed social robots that were designed to assist children with learning disabilities.

The Abii Robot has been selling well to schools. During its first six months, the company sold 700 units. Today, ABii is being used in over 40 schools in 26 states. Additionally, the robot is available for home use for $599.

Before the launch of Abii, the company conducted extensive research. In fact, they received an innovation grant from the S.C. Department of Education. They also partnered with the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) to create an alpha version of the robot. Despite being a successful business, Boccanfuso is still looking for additional funding. If you are interested in investing in her business, contact her by email.

According to TIME magazine, ABii is one of the top 100 inventions of 2020. The robot has been sold to several dozen schools with 700 students. The company’s mission is to provide highly personalized learning experiences. Currently, ABii is available to schools for $999. But the company hopes to sell 3000 units by the end of 2020.

While the Sharks were excited about the product, they had concerns about the education market. They feared that the education industry was too early and that there were too many barriers to breaking into it. As a result, the Sharks failed to secure a deal for Abii. However, the company has already surpassed its minimum funding goal. Now it is seeking more funds from Start Engine.

The team behind ABii is comprised of a group of educators, designers, researchers, and developers. Their mission is to develop a confidence-building adaptive instruction model and to support classroom teachers.

In the past, Abii has been used in four schools in the S.C. Department of Education’s Innovation Grant Program. During the pilot program, ABii improved test scores by 34 percent. When Abii is not interacting with a student, it is able to redirect the student to another class or activity.

During the pitch, a number of Sharks expressed interest in the company. Among them were Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John. But the Sharks felt that there was not enough difference between the Abii Robot and other educational products in the marketplace. These Sharks are familiar with the academic business and were concerned about how the product would be marketed.

The company has raised $1 million in venture capital and grants. Abii is expected to bring in $4 million in annual revenue. This is in part because the robot is able to improve standardized test scores.