Acton Skates Net Worth 2022

Acton Skates is a California-based manufacturer of electric skates, scooters, and roller skates. Acton’s products are designed to help people get around while also improving their nutrition and health. The company’s products are used by people all over the world. They come in a variety of styles, and are made from top-quality materials. You can purchase a pair of basic skates for as little as $400. However, more expensive models can cost as much as $700. These high-speed skates have a battery that is recharged every 90 minutes, and allow the user to go up to 11 miles per hour.

Founded in the 1970s, Acton Skates has been producing quality skates for many years. In September of 2015, the company appeared on Shark Tank. Peter Treadway, the co-founder of Acton, pitched his product. During the pitch, he showed the audience a video of a man wearing a pair of skates. After the episode, the company was in demand.

Acton Skates has a net worth of millions of dollars. Its founder, Peter Treadway, was the first Kickstarter entrepreneur to pitch on Shark Tank. He has raised more than $550,725 for his Acton Rocket Skates, and is currently shooting for a $20 million valuation. Currently, the company manufactures several types of skates, and plans to sell its electric skateboards in 2022.

Acton’s skates are available in different styles, and range in price from $499 to $699. Some models are available with a 0% APR finance option. Acton’s new BLINK S-R features enhanced braking and acceleration.

According to the company, its total revenue in 2021 will be around $6 million. It also provides electric bikes to colleges and cities. Additionally, the company launched ACE eyewear, which features a built-in camera and allows users to share pictures and videos while riding. As of April 23, the company’s net worth is $166 Tisc.

Acton is also involved with Sunlight Giving, which helps low-income families in the Bay Area get housing and nutrition. Several of its products are available at select big box retailers. Another product, the M Scooter, is available for $1599. This electric scooter can be used while standing up or sitting down.

In the past, Acton has specialized in creating “rocket skates.” These personal mobility devices use brushless hub motors and have a range of eight miles. To activate the motor, you simply press the heel. Once it’s started, you can travel up to 10 miles per hour. Acton also makes other kinds of skates, including the BLINK S-R, which features an increased braking power and acceleration.

In addition to their skates, Acton also sells an electric bike for college campuses. The company has received $2 million in seed funding for their venture. While it has been successful, the company has experienced a drop in sales of its Rocket Skates. Eventually, the company will stop manufacturing these products, but the company hopes to find a replacement.

Acton Skates is a popular brand in the skateboard industry. Having appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank, the company has become a favorite among the public.