Akosua Busia Net Worth

Akosua Busia is a Ghanaian actress, writer, songwriter and filmmaker. She has been in the acting business since the late 1970s. The actress has made her mark all over the world. Her roles have been quite varied, but she is best known for her performance as Nettie Harris in the 1985 film The Color Purple. Several of her roles have earned her accolades.

At the age of 16, Akosua Busia made her stage debut in London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. She then went to Oxford University, where she played the role of Juliet in the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. She also won an Obie Award for her role in the play Rita. In addition to her acting career, Akosua has also written several books and songs.

Busia married American director John Singleton in 1996, but they divorced in 1997. They have one daughter, Hadar Busia-Singleton. Akosua has been living in the United States with her daughter, though she divides her time between the US and her native country. While her net worth has not been disclosed, it is estimated to be around $4 million. It is expected to increase to approximately $47 million by 2021.

When she is not on the screen, Akosua Busia spends a lot of her time with her family and friends. Besides her acting career, she has also co-written a number of songs, such as “Moon Blue” with Stevie Wonder. She has also worked as a screenwriter, and her work has won her a number of awards.

Akosua Busia’s net worth is currently estimated at $4 million. This amount will likely grow in the coming years, thanks to her film work and her various other endeavors. Currently, the actress is working on her next movie, entitled Native Son, with her daughter, Hadar, playing the lead.

As a writer, Akosua has a number of books to her credit, including “The Seasons of Beento Blackbird” and “The Last Child.” She is a professor of theater at Rutgers University. One of her most popular movies, The Color Purple, starred her, who has also received numerous nominations and awards for her work. During her film career, she has appeared in films such as New Jack City, Ascension Day, and Badge of the Assassin.

The actress has also starred in the ER television series. Though her role on this series is not as renowned, she has received a number of accolades for her performances, including an Emmy Award for her work on the show. Moreover, Akosua has appeared in other films such as the action film Ashanti. Also, she has made appearances in the movie Hard Lessons, and the musical movie Mad City.

Akosua Busia has also been awarded for her role as Nettie Harris in the 1985 movie The Color Purple. Though the film did not win Best Picture, it was nominated for a number of Academy Awards. Other movies that the actress has starred in include the comedy-drama Badge of the Assassin, the musical film Mad City, and the action film Eclipsed.