Alan Trustman Net Worth

If you are a fan of cinema, then you should know about screenwriter Alan Trustman. Not only is he one of the best writers around, he also earned a lot of money in the process. He has a net worth of around $1 million, which is not a bad figure considering that he has penned several films in his career. And he’s still alive, too.

Besides writing, Trustman has also been known to gamble. He started his professional life as a currency trader in Geneva and later moved to Sag Harbor. But he kept his love for gambling alive. In 1999, he was supposed to star in a movie called Our Man Ho, but that didn’t happen. That’s probably because he and his wife, Barbara Buchwald, were busy raising a couple of troubled teenage boys.

While the majority of Trustman’s earnings have come from writing, he has a fair amount of clout in the industry as well. One of his more memorable roles was as the executive producer on the film The Tracker. Another noteworthy title was writing the first episode of the television series Falling Angels, which was based on the Raymond Chandler novel.

There are a number of other achievements that Alan Trustman has racked up during his career. For example, he was first in his class at Harvard College in 1952. He also earned a spot in the prestigious Harvard Law School class of 1955. During his time at Harvard, he was also a member of the World Jai-Alai Moot Court team. This group competed with the big law firms of the day. It was a high-stakes game, but he won.

Another notable achievement was winning the “for the love of cinema” award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Of course, he was not the only one with a trophy to his name. Other finalists included actor Jack Nicholson, actresses Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie, and director Gus Alexander.

The best part is that he is still at it. He and his wife are currently living on Fisher Island in Florida. They have three children, two of which are daughters and a son. Their marriage has been a long and storied affair. Before they got married, he was in a relationship with cartoon editor of Playboy magazine Michelle Urry.

As far as his personal life is concerned, he’s kept it well under wraps. Aside from his kids, he’s also maintained a relatively squeaky clean image. However, he has indulged in a few extracurricular activities, including a stint with the IWC Schaffhausen in Switzerland, where he served as a board member and executive committee member. He is also a fan of the ocean, and his house is right on the beach.

There’s no denying that Alan Trustman is one of the sexiest sexiest writers in Hollywood. His witty repartee and intelligent dialogue have earned him many accolades, and in recent years, he has enjoyed a lucrative career as a screenwriter.