Alexandra Jarvis Net Worth

The real estate career of Alexandra Jarvis has paid off in a big way. In her first year in the business, she closed $40 million in sales. She has also been featured in two short films, and is known as one of the best realtors in the Oppenheim Group team.

Aside from her professional life, Alexandra is an active social media user. As of this writing, she has a total of nine thousand followers on her Instagram account. And she seems to be living a lavish life. Among the pictures that she has posted, there are a few that feature her kissing her fiance and flaunting her wedding ring.

While most people might not know it, she has been a part of the “Selling the OC” spinoff. If she is lucky, she’ll get to be involved in the Netflix series that focuses on Brett and Jason Oppenheim as they open their second office in California. This will likely include a handful of new real estate agents.

As for her net worth, she is not a philanthropist, but she certainly has made her fair share of money. Specifically, her main source of income is her position at the Oppenheim Group office. Her annual salary is around $150,000. However, she has also accumulated a number of other forms of income, including a divorce settlement in early winter of 2018. It’s difficult to tell if she has earned any money from her work as a model and actress.

Another important source of her earnings is her fiance. When she is not busy selling homes, Alexandra enjoys walking the beach and eating healthy food. On her fiance’s part, he has to make a lot of money. His annual income is not fully disclosed, but it’s probably quite substantial. So far, the couple hasn’t announced the date of their nuptials, but we know that it’s going to be a big one.

There’s no doubt that she’s one of the most talented and driven individuals in the Orange County real estate industry. From negotiating to marketing to client management, she’s mastered the art of success. But perhaps no feat is as impressive as earning the title of “Selling the OC” – as an agent, she’s been featured on the website of the Oppenheim Group.

Not only does she sell houses, she is a model and an actress. She’s been in a few short films, and has an official Instagram account. She’s also got a rumored relationship with Michael French.

All in all, she’s a smart lady who knows how to splurge on the right things. Although she’s not the richest woman on the planet, she’s definitely a winner in the eyes of her fans. That’s why she’s one of the biggest stars in the Netflix series. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, she’ll get to show off her talent as a result-oriented real estate savant. By 2022, she’s sure to be worth millions.