Alexey Pajitnov Net Worth – Video Game Designer

Alexey Pajitnov is a Russian born video game designer, known for creating the popular puzzle game Tetris. He is now living in the United States. With his successful career, he has earned a net worth of around $4 million.

In his early life, Alexey studied applied mathematics at the Moscow Aviation Institute. At age 14, he developed an interest in puzzles. This led him to work at the Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. There he met Vladimir Pokhilko and Vadim Gerasimov. These men helped him develop Tetris.

As an entrepreneur, Pajitnov has built a career in the computer and video game industry. His games have earned him fame and fortune. He has been named the fourth most influential game developer of all time. The Guinness Book of World Records ranked his game the second best console game of all time.

After creating Tetris, Pajitnov joined Microsoft in 1996. He was the first staff game designer. During his time at Microsoft, Pajitnov worked on the Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Zone, and MSN Mind Aerobics. He also helped design puzzles for the Super NES versions of Yoshi’s Cookie.

Currently, Pajitnov is working on the multiplayer version of Tetris. He hopes to appeal to a new generation of fans. Also, he has collaborated with WildSnake Software on a number of puzzle games. Some of the games he has been involved with include: Marbly (2013), Clockwerx, and Breakthru.

In 2010, he was awarded the Bizkaia award at the Fun and Serious Game Festival in Cologne, Germany. Additionally, he received the First Penguin Award from the Game Developers Choice Awards. Moreover, Pajitnov is nominated for the video game industry’s Single Hit Wonder Award in 2012.

Before joining Microsoft, Pajitnov was a research assistant at the Moscow Aviation Institute. Later, he started his own company, The Tetris Company, and is now based in the United States. In his personal life, he is married to Nina Alexey. They have two children. Their son Dmitri died in a skiing accident in Mount Rainier in 2017.

Despite being a famous and successful entrepreneur, Pajitnov has never revealed much about his private life. However, many bloggers have been keeping an eye on his activities. Although, he has had affairs, his relationships are not publicized. Nonetheless, he is still a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

Alexey Pajitnov has a net worth of around $4 million as of January 2021. Aside from his business, he has a salary and a car. Despite his busy schedule, he has time to spend with his family. And, although he has no official websites, there are links to some of them.

For his work, he was honored with honorary awards at the Der Deutsche Games Award in Cologne, Germany. He was also nominated for the Video Game Industry’s Single Hit Wonder Award in 2012.

Henk Rogers helped Pajitnov move to the United States, and helped him get a job at Microsoft. Today, he lives in Washington state.