Alexis Arguello Net Worth

Alexis Arguello’s career as a boxer spanned nearly thirty years. He won three world titles in three different weight divisions. Throughout his career, he gained considerable acclaim from fans. In fact, he was one of the best Latin American boxers of the twentieth century. His accomplishments prompted Ring magazine to name him among the top 20 fighters of the last 80 years.

After a successful boxing career, Arguello took up politics. He was elected as a mayor of Managua, Nicaragua, in 2008. A few years later, he was appointed vice-mayor of Managua. Before becoming mayor, Arguello had also been elected as a deputy in the Managua city council.

Arguello made his professional boxing debut in October 1968. He started out as a featherweight, but was quickly promoted to the lightweight division. He won his first title against Ruben Olivares. Later, he won a super featherweight world championship against Alfredo Escalera. However, he failed to win a junior welterweight title.

Arguello was not a native of Nicaragua, but he moved there during his career. During his time in the jungles of the country, he fought against the US-backed Contras, who were opposed to the Sandinista government. Eventually, he left the war and returned to his home.

He was named a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992. The Houston Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014 voted him the best junior lightweight ever.

Alexis Arguello was born in Managua, Nicaragua, on April 19, 1952. He grew up in a poor, working class family. At age nine, he ran away from home to earn money for his family. It was during this period that he began to get involved in street brawls.

As a teenager, he became involved in the street gang scene. When he was nineteen, he was beaten and kicked. This led to his interest in boxing. Once his sister married a boxer, he was motivated to pursue his passion. During this period, he compiled a 58-2 record. Afterwards, he set his sights on bigger championship belts.

Although he was successful, Alexis Arguello had trouble adapting to life outside of the ring. He struggled with depression and drug addiction. Nevertheless, he never lost a title in the ring. During his career, he won a total of 77 fights, and had a 67-0 record with 65 KOs.

Despite the success he enjoyed in the ring, Arguello was unable to keep up with the rising popularity of other light-weight boxers. In 1986, he had a tough fight against former World Junior Welterweight Champion Billy Costello. In his next match, he was defeated by unknown Scott Walker. For the next few years, Arguello was largely absent from the ring, but he did return several times. Upon his return to the ring, he showed a softer side.

In 2008, he was a member of the Nicaraguan delegation to the Beijing Olympic Games. During this time, Arguello defended his country’s flag. Ultimately, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the heart.