Ali Zamani Net Worth – How Much Is Ali Zamani Worth?

Ali Zamani is a filmmaker with an impressive portfolio. From his impressive collection of music videos and commercials to his latest ventures as a director, Ali stands apart as a bona fide creative professional. His most recent film, Angels Fallen, is a fantasy-adventure tale starring Denise Richards and the likes. The aforementioned project is slated to be released in October 2012.

Ali is not short on accolades. Not only is he a multi-million dollar earner, but he’s also an active member of the International Association of Talented Artists. He is also a self-professed film buff, having worked as a cinematographer, actor, director and producer in films such as “The Legend of the Fallen” and “Moving Picture.” Aside from his films, Ali has also produced a number of television shows including the popular Fox comedy series “The Simpsons”. Moreover, he has a large fortune to burn, thanks to his ownership of 991,384 units of Applied Minerals, Inc common stock.

One of Ali’s most noteworthy accomplishments was the creation of AZ Productions, a multi-faceted creation company in Los Angeles. Besides producing feature films, the company has been responsible for some of the most coveted spots on television. For example, its commercial for Luxor’s upscale brand of wine, “Like as promised,” won a silver award at the 2013 Davey Awards. Likewise, the company has produced several of the biggest hits on TV, including a commercial for Battlefield America. Another honor, the coveted dunking trophy, went to the company’s commercial for Black Mask Rum. This is not to mention the many other high profile clients he’s worked with over the years.

Most notably, he’s also a big believer in the concept of teamwork, which he demonstrated in his aforementioned commercials. In fact, he got his start in the entertainment industry by casting his friends in a series of small-scale short films. Some of these movies were screened at the Duke’s Cinema in Brighton. Eventually, his passion for the cinematography medium led him to pursue a degree in media arts at Bournemouth University. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the media arts, he started making the leap to the world of television and film. Throughout his career, he’s directed several music videos and has been a fixture on the scene in Hollywood. Among his many accolades, he was a featured member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America. As of late, he’s been tinkering with the production of his next feature, a fantasy-adventure movie dubbed Angels Fallen. Despite his busy schedule, Ali is always looking to improve the quality of his work.