Allison Bickerstaff Net Worth

Allison Bickerstaff is a YouTube star and social media influencer. She is the proud owner of more than 305K followers on the social networking website, and has a small army of employees at her disposal. Although she has a high profile, she has managed to maintain a down to earth and laid back personality, something that many celebrities struggle with.

As for the company she works for, she is the social media coordinator for the Walt Disney Company. She has been with the company since the days of the Disneyland Resort, and is currently working as a senior vice president. At the moment, she spends her time between Disney’s home base in Orlando and the Disneyland Resort in California. While at the helm of the Mouse, she is also responsible for managing the social media accounts of some of the company’s most popular characters, including Mickey Mouse.

Her responsibilities are not limited to social media; she has a number of other roles as well. From her work at Disney, to her duties at Lockheed Martin, she is a woman of many talents. Indeed, she is one of the most influential women in the aerospace and defense industry. In addition to her numerous accomplishments, she has garnered several accolades. For example, she was a finalist for the prestigious National Science Foundation’s award for Women in Communications and is a member of the Women in Aerospace and Defense, a global network of female leaders who advocate for women in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Allison Bickerstaff has made a name for herself as a content creator, with some of her most popular videos racking up a whopping one million views. She has a penchant for producing vlogs about her travels, and has even dabbled in the video game industry. In fact, she and her husband Brandon Bickerstaff are fans of the popular Nintendo game Mario Kart. On a side note, she has a pet dog named Palmer.