Amanda Leatherman Net Worth

There is no doubt that Amanda Leatherman is an exceptional actress. However, her real fame is as a poker player. She has earned a fortune from her career in the poker industry. Her net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

The former flight attendant has been involved in the entertainment business for over two decades. She has appeared in various movies, including Detention. But her most popular work was as host of PokerStars’ Big Game. This show has helped her earn a huge sum of money. It also gave her a chance to meet the celebrities she admires.

In 2010, she dated a poker pro, Daniel Negreanu. They met in the show “Big Game” and had a short romance. They broke up, but rekindled their relationship a year later. While dating, they shared custody of their puppies. However, after a few years, the pair decided to break up again.

When she is not playing poker, she is often seen on television as a host. She has over $33 million in prize money to her name.

In addition to her career as a poker player, Amanda has a passion for acting. She has a celebrity crush on actor David Duchovy. She has also worked as a reporter and a sideline hostess for a number of poker tournaments.

Amanda is currently married to Daniel Negreanu. They have two sons together. The two of them live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their family is estimated to have a total wealth of about $50 million.

Previously, she was married to Lori Lin Weber. When they first got together, they lived in Los Angeles. After two years of marriage, they separated. Although they have been married for over a decade, they have not spoken about their past relationships.

Amanda has maintained a sexy, hourglass body shape. She has a blonde hair color and is five feet tall. She owns forty to fifty pairs of shoes and has a tattoo on her back. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, she maintains her good looks.

She is currently working on a psychology degree. She also likes Red Bull and vodka. Though she is not vegetarian, she does not eat meat. And she loves to wear Jimmy Choo boots. Moreover, she enjoys watching reality shows with her husband, Daniel.

Before launching her career as a TV host, she was a flight attendant. As a result, she accumulated some amount of money, which she used to buy clothes and shoes. Since then, she has been earning a decent income from her work as a host and an actress.

Amanda Leatherman has had a crazy life. Not only did she marry a famous celebrity poker player, she is also known for her outrageous lifestyle. One can only hope that she will have a more serious relationship in the future. At present, she is married to a sportscaster, but reports are circulating that she is dating an American actress.