Andy Mineo Net Worth

Andy Mineo is a musician, producer, and director who is best known for his religious music. His collaborative religious endeavors proclaim the name of Jesus and have earned him a wide acclaim from the public. His musical career has also benefited from his spiritual involvement and has helped him amass a substantial $5 million net worth.

Andrew Aaron Mineo is a music video director and Christian rapper who was born in Syracuse, New York, on April 17, 1988. He grew up in a single parent home and went to Henninger High School. He joined a rap group named Fat Camp while at the high school, which led to their signing to Marshall Street Records at Syracuse University. After graduation, he attended the City College of New York, which molded his artistic principles and expanded his perspective as a creative artist. His first year of school was jam-packed with novel artistic and spiritual encounters that affected his belief in religion and spiritualism.

As an artist, he has released several singles and albums. He has also collaborated with artists like KB and Tedashii. He is currently signed to Reach Records and his own creative initiative, Miner League. In addition, he has launched his online store where he sells clothing lines and other accessories. He has a huge following on Instagram.

He has a wife called Christina Delgado and they got married in August 23, 2014 after getting engaged in April. They reside in Washington Heights, New York. He used to be a pastor at Christ Crucified Fellowship but with the rise of his musical career, his spiritual responsibilities have taken a back seat. He has mentors such as Alex Medina and Rich Perez who are also frequent artistic collaborators of his.

Andy’s mother, who is deaf, is a huge supporter of his music. He even dedicated a song to her titled “Heart my heart”. The song features sign language and is a tribute to the deaf community.

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Despite his immense success in the music industry, he remains humble and down to earth. His dedication to his craft is what makes him a true inspiration to many people. He is a role model to all young Christians and a good example of how one can use their talents to bring glory to God.