Angel Del Villar Net Worth

Angel Del Villar is a well known Mexican singer, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is also the owner of DEL Records, one of the most prominent and influential music labels in the United States. His record label has won several Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Angel Del Villar is a Mexican native who is now living in the US. After graduating from high school, he started his career in music. Although he did not gain popularity in his early years, he has worked hard to become successful. Despite the fact that he had to deal with heartbreaks, he was able to keep his attention on his music. In the last few years, he started dating Chiquis Rivera. During that time, they were able to have a daughter together. The couple married in a civil ceremony in Newport Beach.

As a musician, Angel Del Villar has been credited with creating high-quality songs. He has written songs for popular American movies and has helped many singers and artists with their careers. Moreover, he is the founder and CEO of DEL Records. This company has won numerous Billboard Latin Music Awards, and is considered as one of the most respected music companies in the world.

Angel Del Villar is also known as a social media influencer. He has a huge fan base on social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Currently, he has over 300k subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he has a total of 513K followers on his Facebook page. Moreover, he has a luxury seafood restaurant, a fish cafe, and a merchandise line.

Angel Del Villar’s net worth is estimated to be between two million and five million dollars. Most of his earnings come from his record label, DEL Records. Other sources of his income include merchandise, and his fencing organization. To know more about him, check out his Twitter account, his Instagram account, and his official Facebook page.

Angel Del Villar was born in 1969 in Zacatecas, Mexico. Despite his family’s lack of wealth, he had a positive impact on his community. Throughout his life, he was honest and had no scandal. When he became an entrepreneur, he donated money to his local institutions. However, he has never reported royalties. Nevertheless, he has gained a good reputation among musicians.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Angel Del Villar is also an award-winning artist. He has received several awards such as the Top Latin Collections of the Year, the Territorial Mexican Collection of the Year, the Solo of the Year, and the Couple Gathering of the Year. Also, he has won the Billboard Latin Music Award for Distributor of the Year. Aside from his award-winning achievements, Angel is an outstanding talent scout. Among his many talents, he is known for his ability to bring in international superstars to his studio. He has also helped European artists make their careers.

Angel Del Villar has been involved in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Several famous artists have stated that working with him was a dream come true.