Angelica Larsson Net Worth

Angelica Larsson is a social media star. Her videos have gone viral, and she’s earned a massive fan base. She started an Instagram account in October 2012, and has over 300k followers. However, she’s also made her mark on YouTube with a channel that boasts over 272,000 subscribers.

Larsson is a truck driver and heavy machinery operator, but she’s also a social media whiz, having launched an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. While her net worth isn’t known, it’s estimated to be in the $10 million range. And despite her popularity, it looks like she’s leading a single life. The numbers robot predicts that she’s most likely living in Sweden.

Although her net worth hasn’t been formally calculated, Larsson’s YouTube videos are a lucrative source of income. Her channel has been viewed over 49 million times, which means she’s made a pretty penny. As a matter of fact, she’s been able to double her salary from the channel. She hasn’t spent a single dime of the revenue on content creation. Rather, she’s been able to garner the attention of many companies, including Pepsi, Cummins, and Diesel Spec. So while it’s not the richest source of income, it certainly has its perks.

In addition to her YouTube career, Angelica Larsson has also been working in public relations for a number of different companies. She’s done a number of endorsements for brands such as Pepsi and Cummins, and has been a part of several other projects. Most notably, she’s been spotted driving tour buses and large trucks.

It’s no secret that Angelica Larsson is very passionate about trucks, so much so that she’s become a project manager for several different companies. At age 19, she began driving professionally, and has since become a famous and skilled truck driver. Though she’s best known for her bravery behind the wheel of a truck, she’s also a scuba diver and enjoys skydiving. One of her favorite things to do is tour the world. Besides driving big trucks, she also loves motorcycle riding.

Although she hasn’t officially announced her net worth, Angelica Larsson has been spotted with a number of high profile people, including Todd Smith, Austin McBroom, and Hannah Stocking. And though she’s yet to announce her marital status, it seems she’s going strong.

While Larsson hasn’t released her full bio, there are several official links to her website and Instagram. You can find out more about her by clicking on any of these sources. Whether she’s a dating guru or a scuba enthusiast, it’s clear that she’s one unique woman. Plus, she has plenty of hobbies, including motorcycle riding and skydiving, so it’s no surprise she has a lot of fun.

It’s no wonder that Larsson’s YouTube and Instagram videos are generating such a buzz. She’s been able to amass a huge number of fans, and she’s had the chance to endorse a wide variety of products and services. For instance, her video about driving a truck in the winter garnered over 100k likes, so she’s definitely doing her part to improve the winter safety of Americans.