Anita Baker and Walter Bridgforth Jr Net Worth

Anita Baker is a famous singer who has a number of Grammy Awards and has won the hearts of the people with her soulful ballads. She started her career in the mid-80s. Her first single, “Rapture,” hit the platinum spot and helped her become one of the most popular singers of that era. As she began her musical journey, she worked with her husband, Walter Bridgforth Jr.

After marrying in 1988, the couple had two sons. They separated in 2005. It was at that time that the actress faced the threat of jail for contempt of court. However, she was able to avoid that. In addition, she was awarded a divorce settlement that included a 50 percent share of the royalties she received from their albums.

The singer-songwriter was married to her ex-husband for almost two decades. Before the divorce, the couple had a four-lot, lakefront subdivision named Baker Lane Estates.

Since the divorce, the two have been living separately. The singer has moved into a waterfront house on Lake St. Clair in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. The home features a three-car garage, and is built in 1987.

In addition to her singing, Anita Baker has also been active in her children’s lives. Her sons, Edward and Carlton, are currently in their twenties.

One of the things that Walter Bridgforth and his wife were most passionate about was the sit-down restaurant chains that they saw in Detroit. He hoped to lure these chains to Detroit and have them help bring business to the city. When he opened his International House of Pancakes restaurant in downtown Detroit, he believed that urban areas were neglected markets. His restaurant was ranked as one of the top three restaurants in the country.

While he is no longer married to Anita, the pair maintain a strong bond. In fact, the singer has been very active in her sons’ lives. She even helped her son Carlton study at Berklee College of Music.

Although the divorce was not easy for the pair, the couple was able to reach a successful settlement. Anita Baker agreed to give her husband some of the royalties she earned from their music. During the divorce process, she refused to sign the necessary documents for the court to review her royalties. To avoid jail time, the judge ruled that Anita would have to agree to sign the documents by Wednesday.

At the same time, she stayed away from media cameras and kept her personal life private. That way, it was less likely to cause a scandal. Eventually, the divorce was finalized in 2008. Today, she has two sons. Despite the fact that she did not get to keep the name of her husband, Walter, she remains in the public eye.

Currently, the singer-songwriter has a few projects on the go. She is working on a gospel music theme for IHOP. Moreover, she is in the process of convincing other national family-style restaurant chains to invest in Detroit.