Anthony Thomopoulos Net Worth

Anthony Denis “Tony” Thomopoulos is an American entertainment industry executive. He is also a producer and director. In his career, he has worked on several television programs. Currently, he is the independent director of Genius Brands International Inc. His net worth is estimated to be around $700,000 in 2022.

In his career, he has been successful. As an executive, he has worked with various companies such as ABC, Amblin Television, and International Family Entertainment, Inc. He has been responsible for directing and placing various television programs. During his time at ABC, he was the President of the ABC Broadcast Group, as well as the president of ABC Entertainment. Moreover, he has been appointed as the Independent Director of Genius Brands International Inc.

In his earlier years, Anthony Thomopoulos was a mail clerk at the NBC headquarters. After completing his education, he got interested in business. He applied to Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. While there, he became a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.

He married Anne Thomopoulos, who is a former television producer. They stayed together for twenty-two years, until they divorced in 1983. The couple’s daughter, Alexandra, was born in 1986. She was also a stand-up comedian. Besides that, she is a member of the National Hellenic Society.

The couple is currently living in California. They have two daughters, Alex and Arianna. Her mother, Christina Ferraro, is a television host and a former model. Their daughter, Alexandra, is also an accomplished chef. Both Christina and Anthony are enjoying their relationship.

The family moved to Oaks in 2011. Before moving to California, Anthony Thomopoulos had previously lived in New York City. It is believed that his parents were immigrants from Greece. He was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith. However, he has changed his religion since then.

Anthony Thomopoulos is a successful media executive. He has worked for several major network television shows, and was involved in the original placement of one of the most popular shows in NBC’s history. For his work, he received a salary from IFE. He is also an advisor to the National Hellenic Society.

According to the online sources, Tony’s primary source of income is estimated to be around $20,000. But his estimated net worth is $600,000 in 2019. Also, his social networking accounts are widely followed by the public. This celebrity is famous on Twitter and Facebook. With such a high status, it is no surprise that he enjoys a wide audience. And he is a great source of inspiration to many.

He has been married three times. His first wife, Anne, was a senior vice president at HBO. His second wife, Christina, was a fashion model. During her marriage, he had two children. One son, Zachary, was adopted, while the other is still a child. When they split up, he divorced his first wife and was subsequently married to Cristina.

As an American motion picture executive, Thomopoulos has been in charge of some of the best-known films. Most notable are Striking Distance (1993), The USA Today’s 5th Anniversary Gala (1987), and the documentary film The Annual Humanitarian of Year Honors Aaron Spelling (1983). Among his numerous other accomplishments, he has been the Governor of California from 2005 to 2008.