Anton Kreil Net Worth

Anton Kreil is a trader and the director of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. He is a former trader for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. In 2010, Kreil launched a YouTube channel called the Institute of Trading. The channel has over 30 million views and has garnered more than 285K subscribers.

According to reports, Anton has a net worth of approximately $10 million. His wealth is derived from trading and the creation of online trading courses. Besides his monetary success, Kreil has also achieved media acclaim and is a popular celebrity on social media. Currently, he lives in Singapore with his fiancee Meng Jiang, who runs the panda chow chow empire in the country.

Kreil’s first job was as a trading analyst for Goldman Sachs. He later became vice president of European equities at the firm, where he helped manage a group of amateur investors. After working at Goldman, he decided to pursue a career in finance and got a degree in economics at the University of Manchester.

During his teenage years, Kreil lived in difficult circumstances. He was born into a poor family in Liverpool, England, and his mother worked long hours to provide for the family. However, when he was four, his father left for Germany. Despite the adversity, Kreil still managed to get through his childhood. At the age of thirteen, he realized that he needed to make a better living.

Fortunately, Kreil was able to find a better career path when he got older. By the time he graduated from college, he had made his fortune. This was the first of many professional opportunities to come Kreil’s way. He is now a director of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and works as a financial counselor for Chinese individuals.

When he is not busy promoting his courses or running a trading firm, Kreil is often seen on television. He has appeared on the British network show Million Dollar Traders. The series put him in the spotlight during a credit crisis and earned him a place on the worldwide clique.

Kreil is a renowned expert in the field of financial trading. He has helped thousands of people make the most of their money. He has also traveled to many countries. In particular, he has visited South America, South East Asia and Mainland China.

In terms of the number of followers on his Instagram, he has only 8935. Considering that he has been in the dog trading industry for nearly a decade, he has earned himself a pretty good following. But, Kreil hasn’t revealed much about his personal life. Besides his fiancee, Kreil hasn’t talked about his kids.

Nevertheless, Kreil’s best-known product is his $3,000 professional trading course. On his self-titled YouTube channel, he explains how to become a master trader. It’s a fun video that also teaches you the best way to make money.

While the Anton Kreil of years past didn’t have a great batting average, he’s done pretty well in his current profession. As a result, he is expected to have a total net worth of at least $8 million in the coming year.