Apollo Quiboloy Net Worth

Apollo Quiboloy is the leader of a religious cult called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The church believes that its members are the only ones who can receive salvation. They also claim that they have four million followers in the Philippines and two million people abroad.

Quiboloy claims that God showed him through dreams that he should start his own church. He is a bold preacher, and is considered to be the most promising religious leader in the world. However, his cult has not been without controversy. In 2008, Quiboloy was accused of allegedly being behind the death of K’lata-Bagobo leader Datu Domingador Diarog.

Quiboloy’s cult is headquartered in Davao, Philippines. The church claims that its 6.5 million members are scattered across the globe. Its main cathedral is located on the Buhangin National Highway in Davao City.

One of Quiboloy’s followers was a former follower of the Church of Jesus Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) in the United States. She was a dedicated Quiboloy follower and was involved in the tri-media department of the church. According to the former follower, Quiboloy had abducted her when she was a teenager and kept her as his own. Her mother is a dedicated Quiboloy follower.

Quiboloy claims that he was appointed as the son of God. His followers call themselves the Kingdom Nation. Their group holds prayer sessions on weekdays. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ also publishes PINAS Global, a magazine. This group claims that their salvation is a gift that they can only get by donating money to the church. If they do not do so, they are punished by losing their homes, businesses and even their children.

When Quiboloy was mayor of Davao City, he was known to lend his private jet to former President Rodrigo Duterte. But he is not a rich man, having a net worth of just over a million dollars. That includes a private airplane and a fleet of aircraft. He is also the founder of Sonshine Sports Management, a sports management company that organizes basketball events.

There are many properties owned by Quiboloy, including a mountain that is near the Davao International Airport. Other properties include a private aircraft and a home in the Philippines. Several of the successful church members were forced to quit school or take loans in order to meet their quotas.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has various social media accounts. He has an IMDb account and a Wikipedia page. Despite his wealth and status, he has not updated his marital status.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is said to be a good friend of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. When the President was a politician in the Philippines, he was often accompanied by Quiboloy on his travels. However, it seems that the relationship between the two has broken down.

Quiboloy is one of the most renowned cult leaders in the Philippines. He is also an influential political figure, as he was a spiritual adviser to President Duterte.