Arryn Blumberg Net Worth

Arryn Blumberg is an IT professional from Toronto. He is currently starring in a Discovery Plus TV show called We Bought a Funeral Home. The show will debut on Saturday, and will follow the Blumberg family as they renovate a mammoth funeral home in Dresden.

Before they moved to Dresden, the Blumbergs lived in the Toronto area. They had two children, Rafferty and Noa. Eventually, they purchased a large Victorian home in Dresden. However, the home was originally a funeral home, and the Blumbergs fell in love with the architecture of the house. So, they decided to renovate it.

For the project, the Blumbergs spent $400,000, and they will be able to show off the results on Halloween. Their home will have 38 rooms and be haunted. It will also feature maze-like hallways and staircases.

The Blumbergs bought the home from Tom and Linda DeBurger, who owned the property for more than 40 years. But, they recently retired. Therefore, the house is not used as a funeral home anymore, but is a spooky spectacle to watch on Halloween.

Fans can watch Heather and Arryn’s journey on the reality show. This is a very unique project, and viewers will see their love of Halloween and horror films as they embark on the project. Throughout the show, they will visit the house to celebrate Halloween and other holiday events, as well as work on the home. In addition, they will make many discoveries. Among other things, they will find out who the mysterious lady is who is shouting at them.

The Blumbergs were contacted by Discovery Plus to do a show about the renovation of the home. Ultimately, the Blumbergs were given the option to do a documentary or a home renovation series. Since they wanted to do something that would involve their family, they decided to do a home renovation show. With the help of Dave Depencier, the Blumbergs were able to transform the Gothic mansion into a dream home. And since the house was built in the 1800s, they had the perfect spooky backdrop for their show.

As for the Blumbergs’ net worth, it is difficult to determine. However, their current house in Dresden is their dream home. If they are able to finish the renovation and sell it, then they will definitely get their money back.