Asaad Kalasho Net Worth – How Much is Asaad Kalasho Worth?

Asaad Kalasho is a Republican Party luminary who has garnered a bit of a sour reputation for his business dealings with Saddam Hussein’s regime. While Kalasho has not publicly confirmed or denied any wrongdoing, he has made a few curious statements over the years. In the early 2000s, Kalasho was negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with the Iraqi government. Although the deal was not a major success, it did produce some interesting perks. For example, a photo of the former dictator’s face was displayed on a television screen and his speech was transmitted to a satellite in the European hemisphere. A company called United International Communication Network was named the exclusive representative for the deal. It was also in the business of installing and maintaining the requisite satellite equipment.

The United States Treasury Department has conducted a series of investigations into some of the more brazen business deals with the satraps of Baghdad. However, Kalasho’s deal is not among them. According to a recent report, the Bush administration has returned a hefty portion of the cash under Kalasho’s signature. The tally, however, includes only about a third of the money he received. Even with the aforementioned reprieve, Kalasho has continued to engage in political activities. He also owns property in the region.

Of course, the question remains, how much money was spent on the deal and what was actually returned? As a point of comparison, the Iraqi government received millions of dollars in kickbacks for its efforts. And if you count the cost of the satellite equipment, you will see that Kalasho only made a fraction of that money back. This is in sharp contrast to the billions of dollars that the Hussein government pocketed in kickbacks during the height of the Iraqi regime’s popularity.

Similarly, the government has slapped a ban on any satellite deals with the Iraqi regime. However, Kalasho is not the only one who has racked up a nice chunk of change in the process. Some of the most enticing deals went to Iraqi nationals living in the United States, or shady foreigners. Those deals are being scrutinized by congressional committees.

There is no shortage of rumors and half-truths in the Metro Detroit Iraqi community. While Kalasho is not implicated in any of these stories, his business deals are a good barometer of the murky waters surrounding the Hussein government. That said, the Bush administration has done its part to rein in the mad men of Baghdad.