ASAP Bari Net Worth

ASAP Bari is a fashion entrepreneur who is the co-founder of the hip-hop collective A$AP Mob. He has also launched his own clothing label, VLONE. The streetwear brand has caught fire in recent years, having partnered with Nike. In 2017, the brand exhibited its first runway show at Paris Fashion Week. However, some jaded critics panned the show.

A$AP Bari started his career in 2006. His first project was the rap group A$AP Rocky. He then became the head of VLONE, a streetwear brand. Soon, he made collaborations with rappers such as Juice WRLD and NBA Youngboy. After a successful year, he launched the “Tupac” collection of graphic tees and hoodies. With the help of the rapper, the brand quickly spread throughout the United States.

As a young entrepreneur, he was able to turn his love of music into an incredible business, creating a lucrative rap group. However, in 2012, he found himself in the middle of a controversy that could have ruined his career. An unidentified n*de woman accused him of sexual assault. Fortunately, the court threw the case out.

However, the videotape sparked a huge debate. Asap Bari denied that the incident occurred and claimed that the video was made by a friend. But he was caught on tape yelling at a n*de woman and asking her to perform a s**ual act with him. She later filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly sexually assaulting her.

While the video tape was widely criticized, it did not stop the tycoon from building his empire. He has since gained major recognition for his brands. He has been recognized as one of Complex magazine’s 25 Under 25 list.

While the details about his personal life are still private, he has publicly acknowledged his love for travelling. It’s rumored that he’s searching for his ideal girlfriend. Despite this, the singer/songwriter has not yet married.

Although his net worth has increased dramatically in the last few years, the reality of his finances may differ greatly from what is shown. For instance, it is possible that he earns a much higher salary than the figures on his website indicate. If so, his net worth could easily reach $5 million in the next few years. Nonetheless, his current income is primarily derived from his two clothing labels, which are A$AP Mob and VLONE.

According to the estimates provided by his financial website, A$AP Bari has a total net worth of over three million dollars. He also has a hefty Instagram following of over 500,000 followers. Additionally, his Facebook page has a large number of fans.

Throughout his career, he has been a subject of many controversies. However, he has been able to clear his name in most of his cases. One of his most infamous controversies was when he was involved in a sexual assault scandal. When asked why he assaulted the woman, he said that the act was between friends.

Moreover, he has a feud with fashion stylist Ian Connor. According to a report by BuzzFeed, Connor was caught up in a rape scandal with several women. Connor had a restraining order against him, but he was able to avoid jail time by paying his victim a $2268 cash settlement.