What is Aubrey Marcus Net Worth?

Aubrey Marcus is an American Entrepreneur, fitness expert, podcast host, and New York Times bestselling author. He is also the founder of life-coaching course Go For Your Win and has been featured on the covers of Forbes and Men’s Health.

Marcus has an extensive social media presence, where he uploads fitness videos and wellness tips for his millions of followers. He also hosts popular podcasts such as The Aubrey Marcus Podcast and Total Human Optimization. His popularity and success has led to him being able to amass a substantial amount of wealth.

Despite this, Marcus is also known for his charity work and philanthropy, including supporting mental health initiatives and sponsoring Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. As of late, Marcus has been working on his second book and continues to be an active entrepreneur in the fitness space.

He was born on 28-Feb-81 in Santa Monica, California and currently is 42 years old. He belongs to the Pisces zodiac sign and his birth flower is Violet & Primrose. He went to the University of Richmond and graduated in 2004.

Marcus is a self-made millionaire and his net worth comes from his successful business ventures. His primary source of income is his company, Onnit. The company is a fitness and health brand that produces supplements, exercise equipment, workout clothing, and other related products. Marcus’s business has seen a lot of growth and is now an empire with offices across the world.

In addition to his company, Marcus has several side businesses that generate additional revenue. These include selling branded gear, creating and running online workout classes, and acting as an influencer. He has also authored several books, including Own The Day, Own Your Life, which received the New York Times best-selling book title in 2018.

What is Aubrey Marcus Net Worth?

Aubrey Marcus is an American Entrepreneur and CEO of Onnit. He is an experienced multi-sport athlete and a bestselling author of numerous self-help books. He has a large following on social media and has been featured on a variety of media platforms, including The Joe Rogan Experience and Forbes.

Marcus’s company Onnit was acquired by Unilever in 2021 for a reported $100 million. The deal was not publicly disclosed, but it’s likely that Marcus took home a healthy payday from the sale.

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In his free time, Marcus enjoys exercising and experimenting with food recipes. He follows a keto diet, which emphasizes organic low-carb vegetables and grass-fed meats over processed foods and sugar. He also practices Tabata and kettlebell exercises to stay in shape. He has a tattoo on his arm of a jaguar, which represents the SpiritQuest Sanctuary that he runs with his wife. The couple focuses on helping people achieve their highest levels of physical and mental wellness through holistic means. They run workshops and retreats to teach others how to connect with their inner power. The couple is also passionate about helping people with depression and anxiety. In their personal lives, they have a strong relationship and are very supportive of each other.