Audrey Meadows Net Worth

Audrey Meadows is one of the most renowned and successful actresses of the United States of America. She is a native of New York City and was born on February 8, 1922. As an actor, she is most known for her appearance in the television comedy “The Honeymooners”. She starred in the show as Alice Kramden, the wife of the main character, Jackie Gleason.

Before appearing on television, Audrey Meadows started her career as a stage actress. After completing her studies, she sang in the musical “Top Banana” and won a Tony Award for the show. Her other roles include the wife of Ted Knight in the film “Too Close for Comfort”, as well as Iris Martin in the series “Hi Honey, I’m Home”. In addition to acting, she also contributed to a number of charitable causes. The actress was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, and won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy from the American Comedy Awards.

Audrey Meadows is the youngest of four children. When she was young, she lived in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where she went to school. Her parents, Rev. Francis James Meadows Cotter and Ida Miller Taylor, were Episcopal missionaries who worked in Wu’chang, China. They later returned to the United States.

As an actress, she was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance on “The Jackie Gleason Show.” Audrey Meadows was nominated for three other Emmy awards, and she won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy from American Comedy Awards.

At the time of her death, she had a net worth of approximately $3 million. However, it is unclear whether she has any other sources of income. According to a magazine article published by the Wall Street Journal, Meadows is believed to have received residuals for her television appearances. This was rare at the time, and she is one of the highest-paid actresses of her time.

In addition to her acting career, Meadows was a director of the First National Bank of Denver. She was the first woman to serve in this role.

She married Robert Six in 1961. Their marriage ended in 1986, after which she went on to divorce Six. During her marriage, Meadows earned about $11 million, the most money paid to a star at the time. It is not known how much she earned in her lifetime, but it is possible she was the most expensive celebrity of all time.

Audrey Meadows passed away on February 3, 1996 at age 73. Her body was buried at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Culver City. Besides her many roles as an actress, she was also an avid aviation enthusiast. Aside from her work on television, she appeared in several feature films.

Audrey Meadows was a talented performer, but she was also a very private person. Despite her wealth and fame, she kept her personal life out of the public eye.