Ayumu Hirano Net Worth

Ayumu Hirano is a Japanese snowboarder who is widely known for his X Games victories. He has been called the future of snowboarding, and was the first Japanese athlete to win an X Games. Currently, he is a member of the Japanese National Snowboarding Team, and has competed in the Tokyo 2020 Summer and Winter Olympics.

Ayumu Hirano was born in Murakami, Niigata, Japan, on November 29, 1998. His parents are Hidenori Hirano and Tomiko Hirano. During the time of his childhood, Ayumu’s father was a surfer, and he owned a surf shop. He also helped his son become interested in skateboarding. This led to the opening of a skate park in his hometown, and he eventually expanded the shop into a skate park as well.

Ayumu started skating at the age of four. As a kid, he did not like surfing, so he learned to skate instead. At the age of thirteen, he became the youngest ever medalist at an X Games. He earned a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics and a gold at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

In addition to his accomplishments in the sport, Hirano has also gained recognition for his role in snowboarding’s popularity. When he was in fourth grade, he was sponsored by a popular riding brand, Burton. Since then, Ayumu has continued to receive sponsorship from the brand. It is unlikely that the company will discontinue its support, as Hirano is currently one of their most prominent athletes.

As a young child, Ayumu was the only Japanese child to win a gold medal at an X Games. This was the first time a Japanese athlete won an X Games, and he made history as the youngest athlete in X Games history to achieve this. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had won a total of three X Games.

After a few years of skating, Ayumu Hirano began to develop a passion for snowboarding. His family, especially his mother, encouraged him to pursue his passion. She wanted to see him succeed. One of the things she had been hoping for him to do was learn to surf, but he did not want to do that at the time. Despite that, Ayumu enrolled in a prestigious school for secondary education. However, he continued to practice snowboarding while he studied.

Although Ayumu is now an established Japanese personality, he has not yet declared his true net worth. However, he has been accumulating wealth as a snowboarder. According to some reports, he has amassed a fortune of $5 million, and he is expected to continue to rise in his career.

He is currently ranked 15th in the World Cup at Copper Mountain, and he finished second in the Junior World Championships in Cardrona in 2018. The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing may be the perfect time for Ayumu to make a name for himself. There are some indications that he is the favorite to win the men’s halfpipe event.