Bam Bam Bigelow Net Worth

Bam Bam Bigelow is one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world. He is famous for his mammoth size and surprising agility. He is also known for his unique style. Throughout his career, he has worked in many different promotions. Despite his success, he suffered from multiple medical issues after retiring.

In 1987, Bigelow was spotted by Vince McMahon and signed with the World Wrestling Federation. At the time, Bigelow was also a bounty hunter. Eventually, he climbed the WWE ranks and became a tag team partner with Dallas Page. They were a major threat to the two World Tag Team Champions, Raven and Perry Saturn.

The two fought for the tag team championship in a tournament. They defeated the Men on a Mission and the New Headshrinkers in the semi-finals and then defeated the 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly in the finals of the Royal Rumble. Bigelow then joined the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) roster. Eventually, he would join the WWF and become a mainstay in the WWF.

While he was wrestling in the WWE, he was married to actress Dana Fisher. This relationship was a short-lived one, though, as Fisher filed a lawsuit against Bigelow in 2000 for failing to pay child support. Although Bigelow has a large family, he is believed to have been unfaithful to his wife.

The couple had three children, a daughter named Leila and a son named Jack. However, Bigelow and Fisher divorced in 2000. It is unclear if they had a romantic relationship. Regardless, Bigelow has a number of social media accounts. He has an Instagram account and he is very popular on Twiter.

Bigelow also competed in the U-Japan MMA event, where he was paired with Kimo Leopoldo. During the tournament, Bigelow and his teammates were awarded permission to use any combination of the trio to defend their titles. After the tournament, Bigelow was diagnosed with multiple medical issues, including an OxyContin addiction.

Bigelow was later imprisoned for six months in Mexico City. After returning home, Bigelow continued to face medical problems. Eventually, his body was broken down, and he was diagnosed with multiple health issues. Ultimately, Bigelow died of a drug overdose.

The cause of his death was determined after an autopsy. It was revealed that Bigelow had been addicted to OxyContin and other drugs. As a result, he was a prisoner of habit.

During his time in the WWE, Bigelow won the WWF World Intercontinental title. He also won the WWF World tag team titles. During his career, he earned between $3 million and $5 million. Most of his earnings came from Yeezy sneakers.

Bam Bam Bigelow was born on September 1, 1961. He is from the United States and his birth date is considered to be under the Chinese Zodiac sign of Virgo. Despite his tragic death, he left behind a very large family. Some of his children are currently in the military.

Bam Bam Bigelow is a big man, and his athletic ability and agility earned him the nickname “The Big Guy”. Though his personal life was less than ideal, he is remembered for his heroic feats in rescuing three children from a burning house in 2007. By the end of his career, he had a number of friends and fans.