What Happened To Baobab Polo Net Worth After Rejection From Shark Tank?

The company that made shirts that can be worn over and over without washing was rejected by the sharks on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. While they did not get a deal with the sharks, they have continued to thrive and grow their business since. The company currently makes polo shirts for men and women and has diversified their line into other clothing and accessories.

The company is still in business and currently reports $1 million in revenue.Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander III started Baobab Polo after finding that the polo shirts they bought were not as durable or as comfortable as they would like. They decided to use their engineering background to develop the perfect polo shirt. After spending a year working on the design, they developed a polo shirt using nanotechnology that repels stains, wrinkles, odors, fading and shrinking. The shirts are also color-fast and antimicrobial. They are stretchy and feature a stay-flat collar. The company named itself after the baobab tree, which grows in Africa and Australia and is believed to be immortal.After launching their product on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, the founders raised $57,600.

They started shipping their shirts within nine months of launch and saw significant revenue growth. They were able to secure additional funding from private investors, and the company began growing rapidly. However, they needed more funding to take the company to the next level.They hoped to raise $1.5 million in investment through their appearance on Shark Tank. They asked the sharks for $150k in exchange for 10% equity. Despite their impressive presentation, the sharks were not interested in investing in the company. Ultimately, they were left with no deal and no investment.Nevertheless, the founders are optimistic about the future of their company. They believe they can make even more money if they partner with other large retailers. They have huge following on Instagram.

They have a website that allows customers to customize their shirts, and they are working on developing a mobile app. In addition, the founders have received a lot of press coverage for their product and are receiving a high number of orders from around the country.The founders of baobab polo are hoping to increase their sales and expand their brand. They are aiming to sell their shirts in over 100 locations across the United States. In addition, they are working on a partnership with a major retail chain in the UK. The founders have a long way to go to reach their goal of expanding their business, but they are confident that their innovative product will be successful.

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While there are many sustainable fashion brands in the market, such as Levi’s, H&M Conscious, and Polo Ralph Lauren, Baobab is unique in that it focuses on producing a single type of garment. This will ensure that the company can reduce its environmental impact while maintaining the quality of their products.