Barrington Levy Net Worth

Barrington Levy has been one of the most successful reggae artists of the past few decades. He was named Best Vocalist at the 1984 British Reggae Awards and has also won several international awards. This 59-year-old singer’s net worth is estimated to be at least $2 million. His yearly income is unknown, but he has a primary source of income as a music producer.

Barrington Levy was born in Clarendon, Jamaica on April 30, 1964. The star began his musical career as a member of the duo The Mighty Multitude. From this time, he had a string of hits in the UK. In the 1980s, he released two studio albums. One was Robin Hood, which was a success. Other notable releases include ‘Englishman’ and ‘Bounty Hunter’.

Levy’s musical tastes range from reggae to dancehall. He has released more than two dozen albums over the years. Several of his songs have made it into the top twenty of the UK and Jamaican charts. While he is known for his singing, he has also made a name for himself as a record producer and songwriter. Many of his hits were sampled for jungle tracks. He has appeared on recordings by rappers Shyne, Bonnie & Shyne and Aphrodite.

The release of “Here I Come” in 2001 re-ignited Levy’s popularity. It reached number 37 on the UK chart. That same year, he was featured on Rascalz’s track ‘Top of the World’. He also appeared on the Long Beach Dub All-Stars’ album ‘Right Back’.

Levy later became a solo artist, releasing his first album, Bounty Hunter, in 1979. Since then, he has released a number of other studio albums. Some of his biggest hits in the 1990s included the title track of his “Living Dangerously” album. During this period, he also collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Bounty Killer.

After signing with Island Records in 1991, Levy was able to break through to the United States. He has toured the US a number of times, appearing on the television show Bad Boyz. Also, he has appeared on various other albums by other reggae artists, including Aphrodite’s 2000 album ‘Aftershock’ and RAS’s ‘Duets’.

Besides his work in music, Levy also has been known to speak out about social and political issues. He is a supporter of Black political views. In addition, he has expressed his love for singer Jackson 5. Although his net worth is estimated to be at least two million dollars, he has not disclosed any other details about his personal life. However, his social media profiles offer an occasional update on his life. Most of his updates are about upcoming performances, tour dates, and videos.

Barrington Levy is also known for his annual appearances in the Sunsplash Festival. He has a son, Krishane. His son is also a musician, signed to Atlantic Records.

If you are a fan of the singer, you can follow him on his official website and on his Facebook page. You can also find him on Instagram.