Bearded Butchers Net Worth

The Bearded Butchers of Wooster, Ohio are best known for their handcrafted artisan sausages, but they are also known for their sassy marketing tactics. In fact, they even partnered with MMA superstar Brock Lesnar on a marketing and sales partnership. With a gross annual revenue of over $10 million, the octuple of the aforementioned dudes is a force to be reckoned with. To their credit, they also have a penchant for a good time. Whether you are a fan of pigs or beef there are plenty of places to get your grub on. You can check out the Bearded aficionado’s website at or call their customer service department at 888-452-0712. Their ad-free, no-haggle, no-pressure shopping experience makes them the best place to shop for your favorite brand of jerky.