BeardMeatsFood Net Worth

The BeardMeatsFood is a YouTube channel based in England. Although the channel may be relatively new, its star player Adam Moran has been at it for more than 8 years. His competitive eating prowess has helped him make the list of the world’s ten best competitive eaters. In the process, he has managed to eat over 100,000 calories in a single sitting, a feat no amateur could match. Not only is he a wacky but he is also a qualified personal trainer with a degree in health and fitness.

BeardMeatsFood has amassed over 600,000 subscribers. On top of that, it has generated over $3,200 per day in total revenue, an impressive feat for a YouTube content creator. This equates to an estimated net worth of over $200K in the United Kingdom, a figure that can be easily doubled if he were to move to the U.S.

While a YouTube channel isn’t exactly a traditional bank, the site does offer an opportunity for advertisers to showcase their products to a devoted audience. As such, the channel has had some successes with past collaborations. It has also helped that it possesses a massive following on social media, notably Instagram and Facebook. Aside from its social media presence, the channel has a hefty YouTube subscriber count.

As such, it would make sense that the channel has some sort of affiliate marketing deal in place. For instance, one of Adam’s tidbits has been to feature products that can be found at the local supermarket, such as the aforementioned health and fitness related content.