Beauti-Is-Her-Name Net Worth

If you’re a fan of beauty related content, you’re bound to have seen the vlogger Beauti-Is Her-Name. She’s earned a reputation for posting videos that are more than just pretty pictures. It seems like she’s been around for a while, and while she’s certainly no stranger to the spotlight, she’s not the only one to wear the crown. Indeed, she’s spawned a few competitors, including fellow YouTubers like James Charles, and makeup mogul and YouTube personality Jeffree Star.

The most obvious question is how much money is Beauti-Is Her-Name actually making? Well, there’s no concrete data to back this up, but her social media accounts and website suggest she earns some dough. Although she’s not as big as her YouTube counterparts, she does have a few million subscribers, which gives her an opportunity to do some serious advertising. On a more serious note, she’s a mother of six, which presumably translates to lots of free media. And she’s got a home, so she’s likely spending a fair amount of time with her kids. With her estimated net worth in the hundreds of millions, it would seem that this South African vlogger could have a life to match her famous name.

She’s made her mark with videos that include a slew of esoteric information, such as her favorite ice cream flavors, the origin of the phrase “I’m a mommy, you’re a mommy,” and other ephemeral musings, such as her love of the word “mommy.” While she might be a bit more snarky than the average blogger, she’s also not afraid to make jokes, and she’s clearly a people person. Not to mention, she’s got a cute name. That, and the fact that she’s an attractive woman with a sexy wardrobe, are arguably the main reasons she’s still raking in the YouTube dust. As of this writing, she’s not quite the queen of YouTube, but she’s well on her way to becoming a household name in the foreseeable future.

In the end, the most important thing to know about the lady is that she’s a human, and not a bot. This is no small feat, as she’s been dubbed as the heir apparent to Jeffree Star, who has earned a legit $18 million in video revenue in the past year. However, she’s also had her share of highs and lows. For example, a recent snafu has caused her to be on the wrong side of the law in a court case, which has cost her a couple of million dollars.