Becka Clark Net Worth

One of the few female owners of a size inclusive clothing company, Becka has proven to be a doer. She has not only built her empire in a span of eight years, she has also managed to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her family. This is the stuff that millennials strive for.

The name of the company, Kiki LaRue, is synonymous with style in and out. While she is most commonly associated with the ladies apparel line, she has dabbled in the male equivalent to the female gender. In particular, she has cultivated a cult following of male sex connoisseurs. Her eponymous store has a slew of fashionable tees, but it is her size inclusive designs that are the true showpieces. Known for her attention to detail, her designers are the envy of their peers. A recent trip to the aforementioned store sparked an idea – and it wasn’t just a case of trying to restock her wares. With her aforementioned business afloat, Becka has the opportunity to build a real estate portfolio of her own. Using her extensive network, she has already secured properties in the greater Boston area. Whether or not she ever makes her a move is another matter. But if she does, she will certainly have a few kinks to work out.

If the tidbits are any indication, she’s a woman after my own heart. From the numerous awards and accolades to her ever growing list of clients, she’s truly a force to be reckoned with.