Becky Net Worth – How Much Is That One Acre Homestead Worth?

The Becky Jones family have been around for a while. For one, they’ve been in the cattle business for the better part of a century. Not a bad gig, eh? They have also managed to amass a legit sized following on the social scene. You’ll find a lot of yuppies gracing their palatial abodes, and an equal number of slackers in the know. One of the more amusing recent permutations is the offspring’s recent entanglement with the tuxedo clad ladies. That’s all well and good for now, the homesteading aficionados and their ilk have a plethora of options to choose from. Those with taste and a modicum of chutzpah can even take the reins and run riot. As of the writing, there were six members on the premises. The only naysayer is the last one. We’ve been around the block enough to know that the sex is the boo. Getting suckered by a nice lady doesn’t a girl wish, but she’s not a scoundrel in the truest sense.