Ben Hollingsworth Net Worth

Benjamin Hollingsworth is a famous Canadian actor. He began his career in theater, and then moved to movies. Throughout his career, he has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. His most notable work is his role in the television series Code Black. In addition, he has also been a guest star on the ABC show Once Upon a Time.

Benjamin Hollingsworth was born in Canada on September 7, 1984. As a child, he lived in Brockville, Ontario. After graduating from school, he went to the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal. While in school, he performed in several theatrical productions. Ben Hollingsworth was also active in the community, and participated in various activities. This helped him earn a bachelor’s degree in arts.

He began his acting career when he was fourteen years old, and he was able to raise money for a local homeless shelter. From there, he started appearing on a number of television shows, including Suits and Once Upon a Time. At the age of 21, he graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada.

When he was a teenager, Ben Hollingsworth had a brief romance with actress Nina Dobrev. They were reportedly dating for almost two years before they broke up. However, they continued their relationship and married in 2012. The couple has a son named Hemingway Nash, who was born in 2016.

Ben Hollingsworth has a net worth of at least a few million dollars. According to multiple online sources, the actor’s income is from his job as an actor. In addition to his job, Hollingsworth is a soccer player. Moreover, the actor has an extensive collection of cars. Currently, he is residing in Los Angeles, California.

Hollingsworth is a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has a pet dog, and his favorite color is black. In addition, the actor has a vintage car collection. Moreover, he has been known to have an exclusive house in Toluca Lake, California.

One of his most memorable roles was playing the character of Mario Salvetti in the CBS series Code Black. Ben Hollingsworth also played the character Quinn in the American ABC television series Once Upon a Time.

Hollingsworth was also nominated for a Robert Merritt Award for his performance in the movie Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men. In addition, he has appeared in several other movies and TV series, such as Love Under the Olive Tree, Nancy Drew, Heartland, and Divine: The Series. During his tenure as an actor, he has appeared in several Hallmark films, including A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love. Also, he has been a guest star in the series Degrassi: The Next Generation.

In addition to his acting career, Hollingsworth has also been involved in multiple relationships. Before marrying his current wife, Nila Myers, he dated actress Nina Dobrev from 2006 to 2009. However, he had no engagement.

In addition to his acting and media appearances, Hollingsworth is also a member of the Actors of Age 38 group. He has been married to Nila Myers since 2012.