Ben Renick – Net Worth at the Time of His Death

Ben Renick was a reptile breeder and “rock star” of the snake world. His company, Renick Reptiles, was known for selling designer pythons to collectors around the world. At the time of his death, he had a net worth of $2 million. A colleague said he looked like Johnny Depp from the Pythons.

In early 2017, he struck a deal to sell snakes to NHL goalie Robin Lehner for a price of $1.2 million. He and his wife, Lynlee Renick, had plans to open a spa together in Columbia, Missouri. However, financial woes caused the spa to close.

Before his death, the snake breeder had a life insurance policy worth $1 million. He and his wife had just welcomed a daughter into their family. They were also planning to sell a huge shipment of snakes. According to a report, Lynlee was rumored to be planning divorce with Ben.

But, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Ben Renick was murdered. It was alleged that Ben was shot in the head at least once. There is evidence that Lynlee Renick knew his killer. She had a history of cheating on Ben.

The alleged plot to kill Ben was carried out mostly at the Ascencia Spa. Investigators reportedly uncovered a number of clues. One of the suspected killers was Ben’s former husband, Michael Humphrey. Another suspect, Ashley Shaw, allegedly helped plan the murder.

While Ben Renick had a large amount of assets at the time of his death, he did not have a homestead allowance of $15. In fact, his ex-wife Lynlee had a credit card debt of about $2,203. Her last payment was on June 5.

After his death, two companies filed lawsuits against Ascencia Spa for missing payments on the property. Sam Renick, Ben’s brother, claimed partial ownership of the property.

Sam was not charged with murder, but he did file a claim for a fraction of the property in Montgomery County. Lynlee had a child from her previous relationship.

When Ben Renick died, his estate paid his brother $18,000. This was later reversed, as Lehner countersued the estate. Some speculate that the murder could have been due to financial strife between the two.

Ben and Lynlee were married in 2014. They had a son, Matthew, from a previous relationship. Ben was the second father to the child. Lynlee and Ben had moved into their house shortly after their wedding.

Ben and Lynlee were both employed at Ascencia Spa. However, they argued about the business. Lynlee believed that Ben was taking away money from their finances. Their spa was closed after the shooting. Lynlee was a certified massage therapist.

While Ben’s death was not related to Lynlee’s, they both had problems with their families. Lynlee was accused of trying to kill Ben in the months before his death. Ben’s daughter, Rachel Hunt, was also told about the incident.

Ben Renick’s story is coming to public television on Friday at 8pm. Watch the episode to find out more about the case.