Bert Girigorie Net Worth

Bert Girigorie has been a marketing expert and is the president of G2 Marketing Inc. He also runs a digital agency. In addition to his business, he is a fitness enthusiast and is active on social media. Aside from his work, he is a member of Omega Psi Phi.

He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. His father is a journalist and his mother is an essayist. From an early age, he worked at a radio station in New York. Later, he attended Morehouse College and graduated.

After graduating, he worked as an account executive for Kiss FM. It was there that he met Wendy Williams. They became friends and started dating. However, their relationship was short-lived. The couple separated after just five months.

When they got back together, the pair began to date and marry. Their wedding was held in a colorful ceremony in 1995. During their marriage, they travelled to Rio and honeymooned. But a year later, the couple divorced. Although Wendy didn’t speak much about their first husband, she did mention him in her 2001 biography. She even mentioned that he was a smoking buddy of hers.

Bert Girigorie was born on March 13, 1964. He was a member of the Omega Psi Phi education fraternity at Morehouse College. At the time of his divorce, he dated actress Wendy Williams. Despite their marriage ending, he is currently focusing on his career and making the most out of his single life in Charlotte. Currently, he is a sales and marketing expert.

He hasn’t disclosed his wealth or assets online. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that he’s worth millions of dollars. And he’s sure to add to that in the future.

Before his marriage to Wendy Williams, he was married to Gabrielle Girigorie. They have two children. Bruce and Gabrielle are both named after their father. Interestingly, he was the member of Omega Psi Phi while she was the member of Delta Sigma Phi.

Bert and Wendy Williams met while working at a radio station in New York. After their wedding, they filed for divorce. Nevertheless, they still dated each other for one year. During this time, the couple reportedly enjoyed their sexual relationship at night. As a result, the couple’s relationship isn’t very public.

While it’s unclear what exactly the reason was for the break-up, it’s likely that Bert and Wendy just grew apart. This is because they started dating after he left his job at Kiss FM. For five years, he was an account executive for the station. On the other hand, his wife was a student at Northeastern University and she worked at various radio stations.

When Wendy Williams’ biopic came out, Bert Girigorie was living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although he wasn’t present at the premiere, he did make a few comments in the press.

Bert is a Christian and believes in Christianity. He grew up in a middle-class family. Currently, he runs a digital agency and provides marketing services to medium-sized businesses.