Big Freedia Net Worth – Rapper, Singer, Dancer and Musician

Big Freedia is an American rapper, singer, dancer and musician. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her birthday is November 30. In her youth, she was involved with choirs and took piano lessons. Eventually, she started performing in clubs, and later, she became a professional rap artist.

Among the many projects that Big Freedia has worked on, she has appeared on several reality television shows. She has been featured in several music videos, and she has also recorded a song with Beyonce. However, she has not released any studio albums. As of now, her net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Big Freedia is known for her bounce genre of hip-hop music. She has collaborated with a number of artists, such as Drake and Beyonce. She has released numerous singles, and she has had seven Eps. Aside from her music, she has appeared on the reality television show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.

In addition to her music career, Big Freedia also works as an interior designer. She has a company called Unforgettable Glam Edibles, which she co-owns with Trixie Mattel. This company sells a variety of deserts. When he was in high school, Big Freedia participated in the church choir.

Big Freedia has been in the spotlight due to her music and her appearance on the reality television show. Her debut single, “An Ha, Oh Yeah,” was a hit. She performed in Katey Red’s show early on. Afterwards, she started to perform in nightclubs, and eventually, she began booking local events. By the time she graduated, she was performing 24 to 30 times per month. Eventually, she was signed to Asylum Records.

With her success, she was nominated for two Queerty Awards, and she received the 22nd GLAAD Media Award. In addition, she has appeared in Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey. During this period, she also performed on the late-night show, Last Call with Carson Daly.

She has a hefty social media following, and her Instagram account has a total of 110,000 followers. In addition, her website features a gallery of her work. After she was featured on Beyonce’s hit track, she was nominated for the Grammy Award. Then, she appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars for two episodes.

She has appeared in several television programs, such as Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Nailed It! and the Eric Andre Show. She has also appeared in the movies Heart, Baby! and Totally Biased. Despite her popularity, her net worth remains low.

Throughout her career, Big Freedia has had to face legal difficulties. In 2016, she was sentenced to three years of probation and 35 thousand dollars in preparation. Although she was given a three-year probation, she was able to finish her probation earlier. Another court case against her alleged larceny of government accounts has lasted for years. Though she was able to get a reduction in her fines and fees, she still had to pay for her Section 8 housing subsidies.