BlovesLife Net Worth – How Rich is Bethany Bloves?

Aside from the many social media channels she is active on, the BlovesLife lady has a YouTube channel that can boast of over 2.9 million subscribers. As of September 2020, her net worth is a mere $2.6 million. The YouTube aficionado has a Sagittarius sun sign and was born in the US on December 13, 2000. She has a plethora of online channels, including a personal one named It’s Darius, and a mukbang channel named Mommy’s Bloves. Amongst her countless social media posts, Bethany is known for her ‘elevator’ style of video production. Her videos often have a wacky premise, such as trying to eat a lobster without any shells.

The BlovesLife channel also deserves a mention for its other accomplishments. Along with her YouTube channel, Bethany has a plethora of other social media channels, namely a Twitter and Instagram account that each have over 4.3k followers. Another notable accomplishment is the creation of her own online merch store. This amounted to a small feat, but her fans were happy to oblige.

The BlovesLife is not all that old, having only launched its YouTube channel in January 2017. However, it has garnered over 3 million subscribers, which is quite the accomplishment given the competition for the number one spot. The site is no stranger to food challenge videos, where the couple can be seen munching away on lobster, shrimp, or king crab, and sometimes even slurping up a cocktail with a side of sauce. There’s also an online merch store for her wares, where the aforementioned ‘Bloves’ shirts can be purchased in the form of mugs and t-shirts. From her online store, one can see her most popular shirts are the tees featuring her famous cat, and her new baby – a baby boy named Nate.