Bobby Luisi Net Worth

If you have ever visited the Boston area, chances are you’ve seen Bobby Luisi. This former gangster is now an actor and has a YouTube channel, but he once was a real life mobster. He has a large net worth. As a kid, he was raised in the infamous North End, the hood where Italians call little Italy. His father was a one-time enforcer for the Patriarca crime family and he followed in his footsteps.

A few years later, Luisi met a guy named Ron Previte who recruited him into the FBI’s undercover department. In a sting operation, the crooked cop tasked the aspiring gangster with the more mundane duties of running a cocaine ring in suburban Boston. According to the slick-talking prisoner, he made tens of thousands of dollars a month. The FBI eventually caught up with him and he was sentenced to 188 months in federal prison.

Although Luisi has never been convicted of a heist, the FBI has dubbed him a possible suspect in the $500 million art heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Luisi has claimed to have been the star of his own show, but he also acknowledged that his partners in the Philadelphia mob don’t really want anything to do with him. Regardless, he has a large net worth, based on the fact that he hasn’t spent any time in jail in over a decade.

During his time in prison, Luisi forged an alliance with the Philadelphia mob. He went on to run a huge cocaine trafficking ring in the suburbs. Among his associates were a couple of former members of the Gambino crime family, including one named Joey Merlino. Several of his colleagues, however, were convicted of everything from loansharking to gambling to dealing in stolen property.

There aren’t too many people who know this, but Bobby has been in the witness protection program since 2006. He has also been referred to as a’super mobster’ by a number of sources, including a friend who was a member of the New York mob. One of his mob nemesis, a member of the Patriarca crime family, was recently captured in South Florida, and according to the Times of London, Luisi may have been the man behind the wheel.

While there are no official estimates of his net worth, a quick search on his Facebook page shows that he has a small but growing fortune. His income, however, depends on how much his audience is willing to spend and which channels provide the most video content. To get a more comprehensive picture of his earnings, visit his official website.

Despite the ignominy of being convicted of a drug crime, the oh so clever award goes to Bobby for making the most of his time in prison. Whether or not he gets back in the game is another story. But if he does, he will likely have to come up with a bigger fish. Perhaps a book about his storied life in the mob.