Boogie Box Fitness Net Worth 2021

If you are looking for a fun workout to get in shape, then Boogie Box Fitness might be just what you’re looking for. Boogie Box Fitness provides a wide range of DVDs that feature choreographed dance and martial arts routines. In addition to their DVDs, they offer diet charts and a training team that is certified to help you achieve your goals.

The Boogie Box Fitness is a dance-based fitness class chain that offers workouts in Costa Mesa, California. The company is operated by Dede Barbanti-Parra and Kathy Lamm, who met as single mothers. Their passion for health and fitness led them to create their own business.

After deciding to create their own company, Dede and Kathy began generating profits from their classes and home training videos. They eventually decided to pitch their idea on the television show Shark Tank, hoping to secure a $700,000 investment for a 70% share in their firm. At the time, their net worth was $10 million.

However, they were rejected by the sharks on the show. Although they were impressed by their energy and display of their business, they felt that the amount of investment was too high. They also felt that they could not balance sales and profit. Despite this, they did gain customers after the show.

On the show, Dede and Kathy presented their business in a highly energetic and passionate way. During their presentation, they were able to demonstrate their unique and effective exercise regimens. They incorporated a mix of cardio kickboxing, hardcore resistance training, and dance movements. These routines are great for anyone who is trying to lose weight. They are also a fun way to stay fit.

Aside from the television appearance, the duo had previously appeared on the television show FitCeleb and on FOX News, which helped promote the company. In addition, they held workshops for trainers and students. Many of their videos have been featured on the website of Dr. Oz and FOX News.

The duo was unsuccessful in getting their funding on the show, but they have gained a number of positive customer reviews. Nevertheless, the company’s social media accounts have since been suspended. It is not known what is currently being done with their remaining assets.

There are no current plans to release new Boogie Box Fitness workout DVDs. Unless they find a new investor, it seems as though the company will eventually shut down.

Although the founders of Boogie Box Fitness did not receive their $700,000 investment, they were able to gain a lot of exposure from the show. They were invited to appear on Shark Tank and FitCeleb, and they were able to generate interest among investors. One of the investors, Daymond John, left the company because of the large amount of risk involved in the business. Despite this, Robert Herjavec declined to make an offer. He was also not comfortable with the value of the company.

According to the website, the company will be closing its doors in 2021. This is not surprising, considering that the company hasn’t been in business for that long.