How Much is Boost Oxygen Net Worth?

When two friends from Milford, CT decided to launch a company that sells portable oxygen canisters, they had no idea how big of an impact it would make. Boost Oxygen has grown to become the leading oxygen canister manufacturer in the United States, and it’s been featured on Shark Tank several times. But how much is the business worth now?

Rob Neuner and Mike Grice launched Boost Oxygen in 2007 after selling their beer importing company. They started with the idea of bringing portable oxygen canisters to high altitude locations, and the concept took off. By the time they went on Shark Tank, Boost had made $6.4 million in sales and a profit of $1.5 million. The Sharks were impressed, but many of them worried about a steep educational curve for consumers to understand the uses and benefits of supplemental oxygen.

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Guest Shark Rohan Oza told Mike and Rob that he sees the value of the product as an “alpine impulse purchase,” but he can’t imagine spending $1 million on a can of oxygen. He also criticized the fact that it only contains 85% oxygen, compared to medical oxygen that is 99% pure. Ultimately, none of the sharks wanted to invest in the company, but Kevin O’Leary did offer them a deal. He offered them a $1 million loan at 7.5% interest and 6.25% equity, which they accepted.

After Shark Tank, Boost Oxygen has continued to grow and expand. They have sold more than $15 million worth of oxygen since the show aired, and their products are available in 8,000+ stores in the United States. They’ve also expanded their brand to include other accessories like t-shirts and water bottles.

In addition to the US, they now distribute their products in Singapore, Equador, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and Italy. Currently, they are working on expanding their presence even further.

Boost Oxygen was founded by Rob Neuner and Mike Grice in 2007. Originally from Lakes, NJ, they both graduated from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Neuner worked as a beer distributor from the Czech Republic before making the move to America, where he partnered with Mike to start their company. Boost Oxygen is now sold in more than 30 national chains, including CVS and Bass Pro Shops.

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As of this writing, Boost Oxygen is valued at $20 million. They are still expanding their retail footprint, and their sales have been increasing each year. They are poised to continue growing, and we look forward to watching their success in the years to come. For more information on Boost, visit their website today! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!