Boston Richey Net Worth

A rap superstar and a YouTube phenom, Boston Richey is a multi-talented guy who’s able to make money from all sorts of sources. Some of his main sources of income are his self-titled YouTube channel, Spotify, Apple Music, and royalties for songwriting. His net worth is estimated to be around $400 thousand. He is also known to be a tamer of the social media world, but has remained tight-lipped about his personal life. As of now, he hasn’t revealed the details of his dating life, but has reportedly taken to sharing photos of him with fellow rappers.

Aside from his musical prowess, Richey has a large number of fans on social media. He also uses his social presence to announce new music videos. And the official music video for his single “Keep Dissing 2” has garnered over 6 million views. Apart from that, he has a slew of tattoos, and is fond of dressing up in front of luxury sports cars. One of his biggest accomplishments was helping to bring attention to gun violence in his home city of Tallahassee, Florida.

On his Instagram account, Richey has amassed a fan base of over 448K followers. It has been claimed that his most popular song, “EVERYBODY” has garnered over ten million streams. Other notable achievements include his debut mixtape, Public Housing, which reached the top ten on Google’s most-searched list in August of 2022. But he is most likely best known for the single “EVERYBODY,” which has sold over a million copies.

Despite his relatively early start in the music industry, Richey has amassed oodles of cash, most of which he spends on luxury items like diamonds and sports cars. Interestingly, he is also a member of the freebandz record label of rapper Future, and has a pretty big name to his credit. The rapper has been endorsed by the likes of RMC Mike and Lil Durk, and has a good reputation in the hip-hop community. For a teen, Richey has managed to carve a niche for himself in the music industry, and has been lauded by the likes of Pitchfork for his music-related efforts. In the ensuing years, he’s released several albums, and is regarded as a major hip-hop artist.

Richey’s newest album, The Big Reunion, is expected to be his most successful to date, and he’s looking to release another major single, “Summer”, in the near future. Besides music, Richey also works as a dancer. Although his bio lists his date of birth as a mystery, Richey is actually born in the US, and spent most of his childhood in Florida. With his rap career and music production skills, he’s definitely an aspiring star. If his current success continues, he’s sure to be on the list of the hottest new names in hip-hop. This is all thanks to his impressive list of collaborators, including Future and RMC Mike.