Brad Korzen Net Worth – How Much Is Brad Korzen Worth?

Brad Korzen is the founder and CEO of The Kor Group. His firm is involved in real estate and tourism and is considered to be one of the largest hotel operators in the world. In less than ten years, the company has managed to create a worldwide hotel brand.

Besides being a real estate developer, Korzen is also a family man. He has two children, Arabella and Zayden, and is married to Kelly Wearstler. They live in Los Angeles with their two sons. Currently, they are working on Eastern Columbia Lofts, a development project in the arts district of LA. But, they have not yet found a buyer for their property.

After graduating from the University of Illinois with a B.A. degree in law, Korzen attended the University of Miami School of Law. While he was in law school, he became involved with real estate. This led him to buy apartment buildings across the country. Once the real estate market started to decline, he moved to Los Angeles with a partner to buy apartment buildings in the Inland Empire.

Korzen is the son of a successful real estate family. His father’s family owns a number of bowling alleys in Illinois, and he had an investment from his father that helped him start his own real estate business. During the mid-nineties, he started buying apartment buildings in West Covina and the Inland Empire. These investments helped him to expand his business.

Aside from his role as a real estate investor, Korzen is the Chief Executive Officer of Proper Hospitality. He oversees the Proper brand, which is a series of luxury lifestyle resorts in Texas and California. The hotel chain was named among the Top 20 hotel brands across the world by Travel + Leisure.

Brad Korzen is not a fan of interviews. He says his greatest challenge is assimilation and finding the best teams. Rather, he wants his staff to offer the highest level of service to their guests. Although he has not given any interviews, he is on the company’s website, where he provides his contact information.

However, the family man doesn’t have any time for interviews. Among other things, he is focused on his two young children, his two mixed breed rescue dogs, and his growing empire. And when he’s not busy with his children, he is focusing on his career. As a real estate investor, he’s been able to successfully structure investments with an asset value of over $3 billion.

Despite the fact that he’s been a major player in the hospitality industry for several years, he doesn’t give many interviews. If you want to find out more about him, you can check out his profile on the Whitepages people search engine.

While Kelly Wearstler is the famous interior designer, she is also the wife of real estate investor and businessman, Brad Korzen. Together, they have two sons, Elliot and Oliver. Since they’re married, they travel around together with their children. When not out on the road, they enjoy painting and other creative activities. Their home in the Hollywood Hills was remodeled in the early 2000s. Until recently, it was an edgy home, with stark black and white moldings and colorful furniture. It was renovated with a more playful, contemporary style.