Brad Pistotnik Net Worth Revealed

A Kansas Supreme Court hearing this week is expected to decide whether Wichita attorney Brad Pistotnik deserves to continue to practice law, or whether his license should be suspended for a year. The court is also expected to decide whether the state’s bar association should have the power to automatically renew his license following a suspension. Until then, Pistotnik will have to petition for reinstatement.

According to a new report by Forbes, Pistotnik’s net worth has gone up by about ten percent since his arrest in January. He is now valued at around $1 million. This makes him one of the most successful lawyers in the state, along with Michael Levy, the head of the State Bar’s criminal division. Pistotnik is a veteran of the legal community, having been active for more than four decades. However, he has been disciplined six times in that time. Several other attorneys have questioned his competence.

One of the more recent offenses against the Wichita lawyer was a cyber crime. After the incident, Pistotnik claimed that he hired someone else to clean up his image online. In reality, he paid software engineer David Dorsett to do the work. Dorsett was sentenced to three years of probation, with the possibility of a hefty fine.

Although the court is yet to announce its decision on Pistotnik’s suspension, the Office of Disciplinary Administrator has been recommending a one-year license suspension. Its recommendation is based on the fact that the court is considering a motion to allow Pistotnik to return to practice. But if the court determines that the one-year suspension is not sufficient, he may face a second chance to show his lawyers what he’s made of.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Brad Pistotnik is a good lawyer. Indeed, he has been convicted of several duds in his career. In addition to his computer crimes, he has been convicted of beating his wife, and has been found guilty of stealing the crown jewels of his firm’s office building. For instance, the firm has a longhorn steer as a company symbol. Also, the office was built on the principle that all employees should have access to the same resources.

As for the aforementioned cyber crime, the court did not rule out the existence of a cyber attack, but instead noted that the Ripoff Report was the best place to look for information on such a matter. During the trial, the prosecutor even called the attorney on the day of the attack. When a flurry of emails started hitting the server, the attorney on the other end of the line called Pistotnik to warn him of what was to come. That amounted to a small miracle, as a flood of emails and calls from hapless victims could be a deathblow to a business.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that Brad Pistotnik’s case was a sham. Ultimately, he agreed to a plea deal in which he admitted to making the largest monetary payment of his career. However, he is still owed some money, in the form of $55,200 in restitution.