Break the Floor’s Gil Stroming Net Worth

Break The Floor is a company that offers dance workshops, contests, and tours to teach young people how to dance. But the company has been in the headlines for a few reasons, including sexual misconduct allegations against its employees. Although the company hasn’t yet publicly confirmed any of these claims, a Star investigation found that it uncovered at least one “sexy” moment in the company’s four-decade history.

The most important of these allegations involves a former staff member who allegedly sexually harassed and groped several younger students, according to the report. Other students said they were sexually abused by other employees, including a male instructor who allegedly tried to sexify his students in front of a camera. Moreover, another staff member allegedly showed a naked photo of a student to his boss. A third member claimed the company did its utmost to protect him, but that it was nonetheless too late to save the day.

However, the company is still looking for a buyer, and one of its top executives, Jeff Stroming, has even been courting a prospective buyer for some time. Despite this, the dance industry is projected to grow to about $4 billion by 2021, with 120,000 jobs in the United States alone.

According to a recent study, the company’s dance studios have been on the rise. In fact, the company has expanded into Mexico, Costa Rica, and Canada. They have also branched out into online video and picture production. Its flagship event, the Dance Teacher Summit, attracts more than 1400 teachers in both New York and California.

The company also produces a video game and offers a master class for young dancers. It is also known for its dance-themed music videos, but this isn’t the company’s only foray into the entertainment world.

Among the countless dance-related companies, Break The Floor stands out as a particularly bad example. Earlier this year, the Toronto Star conducted a five-month investigation that uncovered claims of misconduct on the part of the company’s high-profile headliners, including Travis Wall and Misha Gabriel. During that time, the paper also uncovered numerous other instances of the company’s less than stellar reputation.

However, the company’s most recent gaffe may have been surpassed by another, the recent flurry of scandals surrounding former executive Nick Lazzarini. Not only was the company’s most recent hire in the hot seat, but he posted a sexy-looking naughty photo to his Instagram account. Thankfully, Lazzarini’s plight was short-lived, and the company quickly fired him. After he left, the Star reported that the company’s top executives failed to respond to any of its questions, though the company did say it was taking a serious look at the matter.

Despite its unfortunate history, Break The Floor still manages to produce some of the best dance entertainment in the business. This is especially true of its JUMP show, which has been entertaining audiences with the latest in live entertainment, music, and multimedia since 2003.